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About Us

Nightingale NJ is an Eldercare Consulting firm owned and operated by Christopher Kellogg, MSW, LSW, and Kelly McNamara, RN. With over 50 years of combined gerontology experience, Nightingale NJ helps seniors and their adult children to make sound choices when confronted by the confusing array of medical, financial, legal, and emotional matters related to aging.

We are your Advocate. We are your Guide. We are your Expert.



Our mission and purpose is to support you. In a sea of information, advice, and opinions, we make sure your voice is always heard. Our client-driven approach empowers you by emphasizing your values and goals.



Nostalgic for the “old fashioned family doctor” who knew you, your background, and the town? Your primary care doctor today is central to your clinical care but can’t possibly oversee the broader picture—the everyday circumstances of your living situation, emotional health, family dynamics, and support network.

We take on that role: we help you make sense of new information, plan and follow through. We keep everyone on the same page, and catch small things before they become big.



Your later years are not the time for you and your family to take a crash course on the US healthcare system, or to spend months researching local resources. Capitalize on your strengths: the most valuable things you can give to one another are your love and your time. The most valuable thing we can give you is our lifetime of professional experience, regional expertise, and peace of mind—so you can concentrate on being there for each other.

Who We Are
Who We Are
Who We Are
Who We Are
Who We Are
Who We Are

Memberships and Partnerships

We are Aging Life Care Professionals™: health and human services specialists who act as guides and advocates for older adults and their families.

American Nurses Association
National Assocition of Social Workers
Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce
Somerset County Business Partnership
Aging Life Care Association
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